EY – Enterprise of the Year

By 30/05/2017

The “Enterprise of the Year” is a two-day prestigious event organized by the Ernst&Young society that awards each year the Belgian enterprise that distinguish for its strategic, innovation and managing capacities. The Belgian entrepreneurship gathers twice a year in Brussels for two prestigious nights and this, since 1996.

This year the event celebrated its 20 years! For this occasion, the King was present the first day, awarding the French speaking Belgian enterprises. The second evening is dedicated to the Dutch speaking Belgian enterprises.

Always helpful, multilingual and smiling, the hostesses and stewards present on site exercised efficiency in managing registrations on-site and providing badges to the guests. They also welcomed and guided VIPs and two bilingual protocol hostesses were affixed at the service of the king.

For the awards ceremony, our hostesses were on stage and gave the trophy to the winning Enterprise of the Year. Thanks to their uniform exclusively dedicated to this event, they added a touch of elegance and were present for the closing session gathering the King, invitees, previous winners and the press where they ensured the access to the VIP corner.