150 years of Solvay

By 30/05/2017

For its 150th birthday, Solvay enterprises highlighted and celebrated the know-how of the company in an artistic way for a fortnight. The celebrations took place in the heart of Brussels. A specially designed dome was built for the occasion in the very center of the Solvay campus where the company has its head office.
The main highlight was undoubtedly the artistic performance staged by Franco Dragone. It attracted more than 10 thousand visitors between the 6th and the 17th of October. The task of supervising this event was entrusted to our agency, Proteine.

Our team was selected after two castings. Our main assets, i.e. the smart appearance, the multilingualism and the energy of our hostesses and stewards, were clearly up to the high requirements of the Solvay Company. Our receptionists and stewards supported and supervised the event in an efficient and professional manner for the whole duration of the event.

Thanks to our polyglot team of hostesses & hosts we were able to welcome people from all parts of Belgium and from abroad.

Our modern and customized outfits had been designed by Belgian brand Pauline B. which dresses our team with elegance and sobriety. The welcoming of the guests, the badging, the managing of the cloakroom and the placement of the visitors were the daily tasks performed by our hostesses and stewards. Their work was supervised by our team of chief-hostess.

The various parties organized to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Solvay Company brought a lot of important people together. Politicians, famous scientists, international clients, the Solvay family attended, but also the Royal Family, including the King and the Queen of Belgium. As our expertise in this type of VIP events is widely acknowledged, our team was able to offer the guests a top level service.

Of course, the placement of the VIP guests, the managing of the cloakroom and the respect of the protocol were never a problem for our responsible team .