Open Days

By 30/05/2017

The OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities, are a big four-days event taking place in Brussels where European cities and Regions meet to share and present their working and growth capacities. This experts meeting, European networking place where ideas and enriching discussions are exchanged, has once again welcomed over 6,000 participants from all parts of Europe which where all efficiently hosted by our multilingual hostesses and stewards with professionalism and always with a smile.

The event, which was spread over different sites, has been covered by our bilingual hostesses and stewards who were present on every key place to assure a complete and quality service to the participants: registration desk, cloakroom, badging, scanning, welcome desk, managing of the conference rooms and provision of information. Used to big events, our hosting agency selected and trained its international-oriented hostesses and stewards to easily guide the participants through the 100+ workshops and debates.

The Open Days completed with the RegioStars Awards, the closing evening awarding the most innovative European Project. Our hostesses were onstage with all the finalists and had the honor to hand in the Trophy to the 2015 winning project: The Scandinavian Game Developers.