600 hours for student jobs

By 15/05/2023

Did you know that students can now work up to 600 hours per year? This is a significant increase compared to the previous limit of 475 hours.

This new rule also applies to foreign students studying in Belgium, who can now work more and gain valuable professional experience in a foreign country.

At PROTEINE, we collaborate with over 500 stewards and hostesses who work after their classes. We cultivate cultural diversity in order to offer a multilingual and dynamic team. From welcoming guests to scanning tickets and managing the cloakroom, our staff is trained to meet the needs of every event and travels as much to Brussels as to the Walloon and Flemish regions.

By working within the agency, our team gains valuable skills in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, as well as practical experience in the events industry. We are proud to provide student jobs that can help young people to prepare their future careers, while offering them a fun and rewarding work experience. PROTEINE offers daily missions, which allows students to manage their schedule and work during the periods that suit them best. We also offer a stimulating and enriching work experience, as well as a friendly and pleasant environment.

Twice a week, we organize recruitment sessions in our Brussels offices. This constant renewal allows us to continuously offer new bilingual and professional profiles to our clients, provide tailored solutions to each event, and also give an opportunity to all our stewards and hostesses to work according to their preferences. We have set up a platform giving access to the event calendar, allowing the staff to stay informed daily.

We are delighted to be able to offer even more opportunities thanks to this new regulation on working hours.